Everybody’s talking about schmooze, the first national magazine written entirely for and by Jewish college students. Started three years ago at Northwestern University, schmooze has recently partnered with about 60 colleges around the country.  Schmooze comes out three times per year: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Why schmooze?

Unlike any other national Jewish publication, students run schmooze from top to bottom. No one can speak to the challenges of being a college-age Jew like current students, and for that reason we are in the process of creating a national network of young Jewish readers and journalists. Interested in being a part of schmooze? E-mail us at schmoozemag@gmail.com.

Our mission:

schmooze aims to illuminate the galaxy of Jewish experience for a college-age audience – to cover the full range of Judaism from prayer to pop. We are not Talmudic. We aspire to publish intelligent, gripping content that avoids pretension. Love and sex share our pages with culture, politics and history. Low or high-brow distinctions do not interest us; we hope to engage, provoke and inspire. We do not want to proselytize. We seek to highlight the vibrant, bizarre and hilarious aspects of today’s Judaism. We want our readers to question the meaning of Jewishness, the nature of culture and spirituality. And we want to have a damn good time doing it. L’chaim!

Schmooze can be found at:

Arizona State University Hillel
Baruch College Hillel
C U Boulder Hillel
Central Florida Hillel
Cleveland Hillel
Hillel at Kent State University
Hillel at the University of Vermont
Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh
Hillel of Northern New Jersey
Hillel of San Diego at SDSU
Hillels around Chicago Multi-Campus Center
Houston Hillel
Metro Detroit Hillel
Michigan State University Hillel
North Suburban Synagogue Beth El

Northwestern University Hillel
Ohio State University Hillel
Oklahoma University Hillel

Swarthmore Hillel

Syracuse University Hillel

Tufts University Hillel Foundation
U.C. Berkeley Hillel
University of Delaware Hillel
University of Florida Hillel
University of Michigan Hillel
University of Minnesota Hillel
University of Missouri, Columbia Hillel
University of Rochester Hillel
University of Virginia Hillel
University of Washington Hillel

Think your Hillel should be involved with schmooze? Let us know!

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